Coloring Book - The true nature of human beings

The true nature of human beings belongs to the  transpersonal art and is meant for children and grownups from all over the world. It can be a first guide for those wishing to start an inner journey to discover the most authentic self.

Wisdom in fact is within everyone’s reach in all ages. By the art of coloring it is possible to overcome our personality, to find out how deep is our connection with Mother Earth and all its inhabitants.

How would you colour the illustrations? If you wish you can send me your favourite illustration coloured by you and I will post it in Medilludesign fb page with your name.

The book is available to buy on Feltrinelli and on 


To allow the team work for art therapy classes, these illustrations have been reproduced as well on canvas. Please descover the true nature of human being collection (Canvas, mugs, pillows, bags, wallets and a lot more) on Zazzle. 

Furthermore you can find art prints of this collection on canvas or with different kind of frames on Imagekind

Please find here  the description of the book