Unconditional love illustrated tale

Medilludesign Unconditional love illustration. The illustration represent a couple ritual, the old lovers are sat on a futuristic bench and the enjoy the smell and the view of cherry flowers. You may be wondering why the bench is a "futuristic bench"? well the bench is able to read the heart of those who are sat on it. Furthermore the bench has no feet but rests on an energy flow generated from the interactions with the human's energy field. Now, you can well immagine that not all the couple will succeed to sit on this kind of futuristic bench. Conflicts will generate an instable energy flow and the bench will move as a mechanical bull. The illustrated couple is easily sat on a stable bench. The illustration is meant to show that unconditional love can be a reality for each of us each day of our life. Even if the world show us something different, unconditional love can exist. Some spiritual masters say that the key to feel unconditional love is to turn the attention from external world to the inner world, to offer unconditional love first to ourselves and to our own black side... Unconditional love overhangs the world of duality therefore is the key to go out from conflicts. The couple of the illustration knows it, for them the unconditional love isn’t utopic at all but it is part of the daily life.

As you maybe know, the Medilludesign illustrations become a design. I thought that such an illustration could be a great greeting card to offer to your partner for anniversary or the valentin's day in order to express your wish and intention for your present and future. you will find the story of the old couple written inside the postcard, on the second page you can add your couple foto to personalize the gift adding even more value to it.

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