Why should I learn how to experience a lucid dream?

When we speak about Lucid dream we mean the ability to be consciously aware of dreaming.

Thanks to the experiments carried out indipendently by Keith Hearne (university of Hull, England), and La Berge (Stratford) the experience of Lucid dreaming has been recognized from the scientific community.

Lucid dreamer were existing as well before of the scientific demostrations (circa 1975), but they were not belived. They were told that their experience was just a memory, they probably woke up during night and in the morning they thought to be aware while dreaming.

The scientists did not just demostrate the reality of this experience but they as well developed several tequnique to anable anyone to experience it.

For those who want to experience a lucid dream I will explain these methods in a next arcticle.

Today I want to focus on anwering to this question: why should we learn how to experience lucid dreams.?

Possibly because thanks to this new skill we can expand and empower our minds, we can work on our personal growth and last but not least we can have a lot of fun!

  1. When we become aware of the dream we find ourself in another dimension, “the dream dimension” , in this moment we are aware to be in our dream body, we do not have any feeling of our real body and we have all the memory of our awaken life. Given that we know we are dreaming we know as well that the oniric imagines have no substance. Therefore we can walk through wall and other objects, we can fly, we can make appear objects, we can breath under water. In the morning the memory of this experience will help the consciouss mind to loose its rigidity and to be more open to the life’s misteries.

  2. Ones reached a good level of stability and lucidity, a lucid dreams can be used as well to learn more about ourself, to overcome fears with the intent to be empowered, to feel free, to become the best version of ourself in the aweken life.

  3. Ones got some experience, Flying, breething in water, teletrasporting, are just some of the things we can do. We can have fun meet Cartoon and Manga and travelling on Goku’s speedy cloud. The only limit is our immagination…

If this aticle woke up your interest in Lucid dreams, please keep following the blog. In the next arcticle I will speek about the metods used to learn this skill.

Medilludesign spreads information about this topics, hoping that the ability of lucid dreaming will be used with the intent to face fears, understand and overcome them, in order to live an happier and more peaceful life.

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