Medilludesign is on Airbnb Experiences

As Host of Airbnb I had very nice experiences in the past that’s why I was delighted to hear that Aibnb actually created a new sector of their business called “experiences”.

The host are in this context expert or passionate of a specific field and they offer a well structured activity to share their passion with their guests and involve them in their activity. The applications have to be conform with several criteria to be accepted from Airbnb.

I did not wait any minute and I applied as Medilludesign...

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...And here is What we’ll do

You’ll jump right into the process of creation of Medilludesign. You will experience the different phases of a project, from the ispiration through the handmade creations until the editing of the digital product. The plan will start with 10 minutes of guided meditation, followed by a workshop during which you will practice handdrawing or coloring (depending from your wish), to proceed then with the digitalization and editing of your own draw (or of an example draw). Finally you will create your amazing virtual product (mugs, cushions, blanket, phone cases...). Now you are ready to open your own store as product designer!!!

Where we’ll be

We will conduct our workshop on the Medilludesign art laboratory in Munich, Germany. It is a beautiful living room in a flat, with several tables for the participants. The room is sorrounded by a huge balcony visible from the glass doors, which create a sense of space and harmony, foundamental for our lesson. Besides, with a bit of luck you can see red squirrels jumping from the sorrounding trees to the balcony.

What I’ll provide

All the material for the workshop, from pencils and papar sheets to computer and scanner. I will provide biscuits or homemade apple cakes and several choice of herbal and fruits tea

What to bring

a lot of passion or interest for drawing or coloring, curiosity for meditation and essentially your will to high your vibration :)

Click here to be redirected on the Airbnb Experiences page where you can book this activity.

I can’t wait to see you,

Lots of peace,

Irene, founder of Medilludesign

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