In this page you will find  illustrations related to the Transpersonal experiences. With the word "transpersonal" I mean what goes beyond the personality. An example of Transpersonal experience can be a moment in which any person can experience an expanded state of consciousness. This experience even if short can be highly meaningful because it help to see the world from another point of view. I recommend to read the posts with the description of the illustrations.

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What do you see in it? The illustration shows two rabbits... or a cat? ;) The illustration title is "Soul mate". The rabbits souls lived in past as an unique cat soul. Each complete soul recognizes the other part of itself...

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This is an Eco illustration done with eggshells powder. The illustration title is "quantum thought". The idea is to represent the power of a human thought.
If our world is a world of possibility, could our thought make a possibility more probable than another?